“The Injured are Policemen as well as the Witnesses. Hayk Kyureghyans’ Case

Today, the court sitting on Hayk Kyureghyan’ s case took place in the Court of General Jurisdiction of Kentron and Nork-Marash Administrative Districts.

During the court sitting the injured person, the policeman Samson Gharibyan testified, stating that on the day of the incident in front of the court he noticed a man shouting in the crowd. The latter had climbed up on a car posed a threat insuring that he would explode it, and shot in the direction of policemen, “He was shouting, “Is there any policeman here?. Are they dead?” We tried to come closer to him but he went on shooting, and at that very moment he stumbled and fell down on the car, and so we managed to arrest him. I got some injuries in my left shoulder and in the forehead. I cannot understand how people make a hero of such kind of hooligans. The only thing I know is that a real hero is someone who has done something good and important for the nation,” said the Policeman.

The Policeman’s speech made the people in the court room burst out laughing. One of the citizens even said “bravo” to him. It is worth mentioning that the policemen and the participants of the court sitting were not so positively intended to each other.

Some other witnesses, mosto f them policemen and bailiffs, testified as well. They repeated the same words with minor changes..

Angela Hobosyan, the advocate of the defendant did ask questions neither to the injured party nor to the witnesses. She clarified that saying that she was not authorized by her defendant to ask questions, “I am not involved in the case as a defender, I am not acquainted with the materials of the case. Kyureghyan has refused the right of having a defender. He also said that he would be his own defender. The court has violated a number of his rights. He keeps on saying not to challenge, refrain from filing petitions, I do not have these authorities and I cannot carry out the defense as well. I am really sorry that the investigation is conducted in a superficial way, everyone (gives the same evidences) repeats the same thing, and there are no witnesses from the members of the public included in the case, both the injured men and the witnesses are policemen,” mentioned the defender.

It is worth mentioning that the defendant was removed from the court for10 hours since 15 December. According to the advocate this is illegal. “The only thing that Hayk Kyureghyan did not deprive me is the right of making announcements. Thus I have announced that the court acted illegally and I justified it by the law on legal acts and by the norms of the Criminal  Procedure  Code of the Republic of Armenia, that he is obliged to be present in person and defend his rights”. Today’s judicial sitting was postponed to 17 April, as one of the witnesses was absent.

On 12 July, 2014 the accused person started shooting in front of the court building. At that time in the court room, the judicial sitting of the case Shant Harutyunyan and the friends was taking place. Hayk Kyureghyan stood on the car, which was parked in front of the court and shot in the direction of the policemen.


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