We only discuss fair pay to state officials, after growth of their salaries happens.
I am always surprised when people get shocked by the raise, as I myself am always shocked at how little the public officials’ salaries are raised. One example, the salaries of chairman of NA chairman and Prime Minister are 340,000 AMD; salaries of standing committee chairpersons are 300,000 AMD, etc.
I believe we need to raise their salaries by tenfold and only then it will be fair pay.
The payment system of rulers originated millennia ago. Let me cite a piece of dialogue between Socrates and Farsimakh (IV B.C.) about fair pay, which has reached us through Plato’s work “State”.
Farismakh of Kalkedonia, “when a person assumes public office, his personal affairs begin to plummet as a fair official has no time to address personal affairs. He also creates problems with relatives as does not want to show favoritism to them“.
Socrates, “ no arts or crafts secure profit to the master, but he ensures profit to subordinates. This is why, Farismakh, nobody will want to assume public office, unless there is high pay for the officials”.
it is necessary that Armenian National Assembly makes amendments to the “RA law on public official’s remuneration in legislative, executive and judicial power” and in “State Budget 2012” to raise public officials salaries.
It is important to pay fairly to rulers, otherwise you can’t expect fairness from them…

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