Society still unhappy with fight against corruption talked about fight against corruption in Armenia with doctor of law, EC anti-corruption group (GRECO) expert Anna Margaryan. 

– What are the international agreements on fight against corruption?  

You can find clauses on fight against corruption in many international conventions, agreement. But the on specifically dedicated to corruption is the UN convention on “Fight against corruption”. 

In European Union, “Convention on criminal right on corruption”, “Civil convention against corruption”, as well as the convention against “Money laundering”. 


– To what extend to the international legal acts help improve our legislation?  

Naturally, international conventions are reflect din our laws. They contribute to the improvement of our legislation. On the other hand, there are issues in implementing the laws, where there are loopholes and inefficiencies. Specifically, the acts are not fully reflected in the legislation.  There are words, terms and phrases that alter in transition.

– To what extend does Armenia implement its international commitments in regards to fight against corruption?  

No country can claim today that its commitments are fully implemented. Armenia is no exception. Steps are surely taken. In this regards I can mention the improvements in the “Criminal Code”. Legislation is being reconciled with the international conventions. There are also steps in terms of practical fight against corruption to deliver results. 


– There’s nothing about illegal enrichment in the amendment to the “Criminal Code”. What would that norm give us?  

Armenia has reservation in “Convention on criminal right against corruption”. Our country has not committed to that obligation of illegal enrichment. It’s a matter of time.  It’s not only Armenia’s issues, as many countries have not yet prepared for definition of criminal responsibility. In addition, it’s not only about definition. It’s also about implementation. What is the point of adopting an act that has no mechanism of implementation? 


– As a legal expert, how much do you believe Armenia has accomplished in the fight against corruption?  

It is commendable that steps are taken to ensure transparency of government agencies. Another issues is to what extent the public is satisfied with the efficiency. One thing is the level of reforms, another thing is its assessment. Public is still not satisfied with the results. But it’s a facts that improvements are taking place. Just look at the time span.

– Let’s take the period of independence.  

Many state official responsibilities are defined by law. University admission procedure is reformed. Additional norms for freedom of information have been adopted. These are positive changes. But expectations don’t always match the reality.


Nune Hovsepyan 

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