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Shant Harutyunyan and Friends Convicted to Imprisonment

Today the Court of general jurisdiction of Kentron and Nork-Marash communities published the verdict on Shant Harutyunyan`s and friends` case.

Defendant Shant Harutyunyan was recognized guilty on the article of hooliganism. He was convicted to 6-year imprisonment, the same article applied to defendant Albert Margaryan, he will also be imprisoned for 6 years. Shant Harutyunyan`s juvenile son Shahen Harutyunyan was convicted to 4-year imrpisonment, but it won`t be applied based on the Article 70 of the Criminal Code (Conditional non-execution of the punishment).

Defendants Aleq Poghosyan and Avetis Avetisyan were recognized guilty based on the 4th part of Article 258 of the RA Criminal Code, being respectively convicted to 4 and 5 years of imprisonment, Mkrtich Hovhannisyan was also convicted to 4-year imprisonment.

Defendant Hayk Harutyunyan was convicted to 4,5-year imprisonement, and Liparit Petrosyan to 5-year imrpisonment. Defendant Misak Arakelyan was recognized guilty by the first part of Article 258, and he was fined in the amount of 50 thousands AMD, and Sevak Mnatsakanyan was recognized guilty by the 1st and 2nd provisions of the 3rd part of Article 258 of the RA Criminal Code and was convicted to 1,5-year imprisonment. Tigran Petrosyan and Armen Hovhannisyan were convicted to 1 and 2 years of imprisonment. Defendant Vahe Mkrtchyan was recognized guilty by the 4th part of Article 258 and 2nd part of Article 316 and was convicted to 7-year imprisonment, and Vardan Vardanyan – to 5-year imprisonment.
Attorney`s intend to apply to the ECHR on this case if they pass through all the judicial instances and not achieve any results.



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