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“There can`t be any justice here”. Shant Harutyunyan`s defense speech

As we already informed, today the court sitting on the case  “Shant Harutyunyan and friends” took place at the court of general jurisdiction of Kentron and Nork-Marash communities in Yerevan. Inessa Petrosyan wanted to come up with an intervention, but the court did not allow her, justifying that it would give that opportunity later. The defender objected, and as a result the judge applied judicial sanctions against her warning of more severe sanctions if she went on.

Shant Harutyunyan came up with a defense speech today, he said that he was disappointed from the court proceeding. In fact his speech was on the political situation and legal system. “The legal system that existed in our Soviet, is still maintained. There is an officially fixed inequality in Armenia, there are privileged people here – officials, and there are right-deprived citizens – us. Judging us they say that they are implementing justice”. The defendant also expressed his opinion that initially by the RA Legislation unequal conditions are created between the government representatives and the citizens, which became apparent again on 05 November, 2013.

“For just one infringement of traffic rules the police officers came up with a provocation, which caused heavier consequences. The police goes for a provocation in Armenia. The Policeman provoked me, I`ll hit him with a stick, I`ll judge him. There can`t be any justice here”, concluded the defendant. And then Alek Poghosyan came up with a defense speech.


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