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Deputies were present at the trial on “Shant Harutyunyan and friends” case

The trial on the case “Shant Harutyunyan and friends” was attended today by the RA National Assembly deputies Elinar Vardanyan and Nikol Pashinyan, as well as head of the “Heritage” party Raffi Hovhannisyan, other political and social actors.

Defense speech was given by the public defender of Alek Poghosyan, who got involved in the case at the last court sitting. He mentioned in his speech that the accusation against his defendant was not justified by the criminal case: “It is based on the false testimonies of the police officers and concluding opinion of the preliminary investigation. The preliminary investigation lasted for 6 months, but there has not been any comprehensive investigation, it has been implemented in a non-complete way, and the conditions have been judged against the defendants”, stated the defender and added that the defendant should be justified. “For several reasons. First of all my defendant does not accept himself guilty, additionally it has been proved that Poghosyan is married and has 5 juvenile children, and the family is in bad conditions”, he said. He brings other justifications as well.

The accusing party requested to have Alek Poghosyan convicted to a 6-year imprisonment. The defender considered this request as a “copy-paste” from other accusations and marked an implication of political  persecution.

More details will be provided later.


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