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Shant Harutyunyan was kissing his son from time to time: the prosecutor petitioned to sentence the father to 7 years of imprisonment, and the son – to 5 years

In the courts of general jurisdiction of Kentron and Nork Marash administrative regions of Yerevan, prosecutor Gevorgyan read the accusatory speech on the case of Shant Harutyunyan, chairman of the Tsekhakron party, and others.

According to the prosecutor, though the defendents did not recognize themselves as guilty, but through the evidence gained during the trial the gultiness of defendents has been approved.

He petitioned to sentence Shant Harutyunyan to 7 years of imprisonment, Vardan Vardanyan, Avetis Avetisyan, Liparit Petrosyan – to 6 years, 6 months, Alex Poghosyan – to 6 years, Shahen Harutyunyan – 5 years, Vahe Mkrtchyan – 8,6 months, Albert Mkrtchyan – 8 years, Hayk Harutyunyan – 6 years, Sevak Mnatskanyan, Tigran Petrosyan, Armen Hovhannisyan – 4 years, Mkrtich Hovhannisyan – 5,6 months. The latter, before reading the accusatory speech, fully accepted accusations brought forward.

The accusing prosecutor petitioned  only for defendent Misak Arakelyan to set a fine in the amount of 50.000 AMD.

The punishment read by the prosecutor caused some laughter among the people in the hall, and during the entire period of court sitting father and son Shant and Shaen Harutyunyan were hugging each other, Shant Harutyunyan was kissing his son from time to time.

The court sitting was postponed. At next sitting the court will hear defense speeches. Iravaban.net

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