“It is very interesting to work in this environment of enthusiasm and interest”, – Francisco Zimon

On May 2-3, seminar on European Convention on Human Rights was conducted in Yerevan. The two-day seminar was organized by German Collaboration Fund and Armenian Young Lawyers Association.
Iravaban.net talked with IRZ (International Legal Collaboration) project director Francisco Zimon.
– Can you present in more detail the goals of the International Legal Collaboration of Germany?
– The fund was established in 1992. We committed to provide consultation to partner countries to help implement reforms. We mainly assist through organizing seminars and providing other legal assistance. We send experts to respective countries to show support, as well as organize study tours to Germany. The main thing is that we keep close connection with partners and stay tuned to the areas of their need.
– During the seminar you mentioned that your Fun has been operating in Armenia since 2011. In what areas do you work?
-Yes, we started in 2011. We started working with a number of organizations and agencies like the Court of Appeal, Ministry of Justice. We aimed at achieving reforms in legal area for which we organized activities like study tour to Germany for Notary staff, as well as archiving training. This year we are organizing a seminar for the Armenian Young Lawyers Association staff on the European Human Rights Convention. We also organized a training for the prosecutors on cybercrimes, which is becoming relevant. We also collaborate with Georgian counterparts on reforms especially in penitentiaries. We plan to organize a similar seminar for them this year.
-Can you tell us about the success International Legal Collaboration in Armenia?
-Of course it is premature to discuss success, as we’ve just started. But we are very happy to be operating in Armenia and also collaborating with Georgia. We make efforts for tighter collaboration between the two countries. We hope this year the collaboration will also bring its fruits.
I must mention that last year we won the right to implement EU Twinning Project which will soon kick off. It is related to integration with European legislation, as well as respective policies and translation capacities reforms. The project will last two years and it also involved the Latvian Justice Ministry.
– How do you see the prospect of collaboration with Armenian Young lawyers Association?
-The first event implemented with their involvement with regards to ECHR is successful. I believe the collaboration will be expanding and we will soon be able to work in commercial arbitrage.
– What is you impression of the two-day seminar on European Convention on Human Rights?
-It is not only my opinion, but also the opinion of my team members and participants that the event has been very positive and there is great interest to it. Very well articulated questions are being asked. It is very interesting to work in such enthusiastic environment.

Nune Hovsepyan

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