The Faith of the Cassation Appeal on Volodya Avetisyan’s Case is Uncertain

Although Ara Zakaryan, the defender of freedom fighter Volodya Avetisyan’s right had filed a cassation appeal, but the Court of Cassation had not answered yet.

On 16 September 2014, the Criminal Court of Appeals dismissed Volodya Avetisyan’s defender’s appeal, and upheld the 17th June decision of the Court of General Jurisdiction of Arabkir and Kanaker-Zeytun Administrative Districts of Yerevan, which sentenced Volodya Avetisyan to 6 years in prison.

“Unfortunately, even though the law states certain time frame, but the Cassation Court decides when and on which case to make a decision, that is the deadlines have passed, but I still have no answer,” the advocate said.

Speaking about the terms, he said, “In the past, the Court of Cassation was given one month, the law was amended and now three months term is provided, three months. It is probably, because a one month term would not be enough for the court to study the case and make a decision on admission. But I think that three months term is long enough and under these circumstances the court in case of willingness could have made a decision long ago,” Mr. Zakaryan said.

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