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The First Success in Vardan Petrosyan’s Case

Today Court of General Jurisdiction of Arabkir and Kanaker-Zeytun Administrative Districts met the complaint of Vardan Petrosyan’s Advocate Nikolay Baghdasaryan. In the interview with Iravaban.net the advocate said that he was challenging the validity of the actions of Special investigation service, which had not initiated a criminal case based on his application. The Advocate had applied to SIS claiming that after the accident with Vardan Petrosyan’s participation the investigative activities were conducted in violation of law.

“In fact the SIS did not consider the materials and did not carry out expertise and different investigative activities based on my request,” Mr. Baghdasaryan said and added that that was the first step. “After this the investigators based on the approved decision should conduct all investigative activities. The activities as well as the evidences which I provide shall create grounds to apply to the court base on the new circumstances and annul the judgment,” Nikolay Baghdasaryan said.


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