Infringed Property Right of the Pensioner Restored

“I’ve measured the world with the heart of my Mom,

Yet larger it was, precious and great…”

H. Shiraz

The pensioner woman who came to Advocacy and AssistanceCenter of the RA Aragatsotn Marz was in deplorable state: tired and cold in result of sleeping on the floor, despaired and depressed in result of applying to different instances. And though it is odd enough to understand this from the aspect of human conscience, she had appeared in such situation thanks to the “good will” of her daughter-in-law. The citizen who had applied to Aragatsotn AAC informed that the furniture she possessed on property right was in her son’s flat, and here daughter-in-law did not allow her to take the furniture to her own flat thus violating her property right. The pensioner had to sleep on the cold floor for about two months as she had no other opportunity, and which did not trouble her daughter-in-law at all. The client’s applications to the state bodies with request to protect her property right stayed unsolved as the authorities did undertake corresponding measures provided by law and thus failed to meet their official responsibilities aimed to protect the citizen’s property right.

Aragatsotn AAC submitted a corresponding application to the Police of Aragatsotn Marz, requesting protection of the citizen’s property right. Based on the application from the AAC the representatives of police intervened and restored the property right of the citizen. The Pensioner woman found the real defender of her rights in the name of the Advocacy and AssistanceCenter.

The woman who was so pleased with the work, which AAC’ carried out said, “Dear children you do not need advertisement any longer! I am a real walking advertisement board, and shall tell everyone about you… ”

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