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Amount of 12.500.000AMD requested from Vardan Petrosyan according to the lawsuit

Today, the Court of General Jurisdiction of Kotayk marz resumed the trial on the car accident with Actor Vardan Petrosyan. Ruben Baloyan, representative of the victims and their successor introduced the civil lawsuit.

He asked the Court to exact 10 million 165 thousand AMD from Vardan Petrosyan for treatment and further rehabilitation and compensation for the transportation of the victims Hayk and Emma Hakobyans’ daughter, the victim Tatevik Hakobyan. Around 443.213 AMD of this sum for treatment and further rehabilitation costs and 200.000AMD for the victim’s surgery. The advocate also mentioned that the victim shall pass around 2 years rehabilitation period with the total cost of 7.830.000AMD. During this period the victim will not be able to travel by the fixed run transport and shall have to use taxi services, with calculated cost of 1.440.000AMD. The fees for advocate of Tatevik shall be compensated as well.

The advocate asked the Court to extract 145.800AMD from Vardan Petrosyan for the treatment of the victim Arthur Hakobyan, and a reasonable compensation of 1.000.000 AMD for the advocate’s services. The total compensation for Arthur Hakobyan was 1.145.800 AMD.

The calculation for the damages caused to Naira Hayrapetyan, according to the advocate totaled to 400.000AMD; for the losses caused to Anna Karaetyan, the successor of the victim Edgar Hakobyan, the defendant shall pay 450.000AMD as compensation for the lawyer’s services. For the layewrs services to victim Hayk Hakobyan the advovate asked to extract 250.000AMD as compensation for the lawyer’s fee. The same was for Emma Hakobyan’s case.

The total amount is about 12 million 500 thousand AMD. Vardan Petrosyan’s attorneys objected, noting that justifications were not reasonable. Attorney Nicholay Baghdasaryan said that the lawsuit calculations are unclear. The lawyer asked the court to grant a reasonable time to get acquainted and to clarify the costs indicated in the lawsuit.


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