Ararat Aadvocacy and Assistance Reception Centers Assistance restored the Infringed Legal Rights of the Citizen

Mrs. M. Stepanyan from Ararat city, who was in difficult situation, borrowed a 1000 USD from another citizen and signed a receipt for the lender. After some time Mrs. Stepanyan returned some money to the lender, but the latter took the sum as reimbursement of the interest of the main sum, and did not diminish the initial dept. On the assumption of the fact that Mrs. Stepanyan was not able to return the dept in time, the lender suggested to “help” her. He took the passports of Mrs. Stepanyan and her two sons and promised to help to issue a credit “with support of his friend” and to get back his money from this credit in a short time. However Mrs. Stepanyan was unaware that the “well-wisher” had prepared a trap for her, and handed her passport to him. After some time Stepanyan and her sons wanted to take back their passport as they needed them. Yet the lender refused to return their passports and demanded to give him extra sum or to register their flat on his name through the notary office. After Mrs. Stepanyan failed to take back her and her sons’ passports from the lender she applied to Ararat AARC with request to help her in this issue.

Her we shall first of all note that the citizen’s rights were protected in result of successful solution of the case. Further, this case included corruption risk on the assumption of the fact that a citizen (the lender in our case) has no right to take and to refuse to return another citizen’s passport by cheating him and for mercenary ends. Such action is criminally pursued. And finally the lender had acted with a confidence that the citizen cannot do anything to escape from such situation. The lender was going to conspire criminally with an official from the bank and to issue a fake loan by false document. However the ReceptionCenter realized its goals and objectives correctly and prevented the possible corruption in all its appearances.

In particular the lawyers of Ararat AARC studied the case and explained to the citizen that the lender had no authority take and to refuse to return the passports. The lawyers invited the lender to the AARC as well. After long running negotiations with the latter, the lender conceived the criminal character of his action, accepted his mistake and returned the passports.

After receiving the passports Mrs. M. Stepanyan expressed her deepest gratitude to the lawyers of Ararat Advocacy and AssistanceReceptionCenter for the support and protection of her rights and hoped that Ararat AARC shall not neglect any occurrences of illegal acts.

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