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“Arthur, I have answers to all your questions, don`t address external questions inside here” Vardan Petrosyan to the victim

Tatevik Hakobyan, who gained a locomotor function disturbance as a victim in the case of actor Vardan Petrosyan, will recover after a long-term treatment. This was the conclusion of the expert of Kotayq region`s court of general jurisdiction. Judge Vaghinak Mkrtchyan attached this conclusion to the criminal case.

Ruben Baloyan, representative of victims and their successors, petitioned to hold an additional interrogation for the defendant, as Arthur Hakobyan has questions to address to Vardan Petrosyan. Prosecutor Arthur Sargsyan was not against. Nikolay Baghdasaryan objected mentioning the fact that after the previous court sitting he had consulted with the defendant and decided not to give testimony in the court, not answer to the questions of other participants of the trial, which is a right endowed with the defendant, and refusing to testify can not be interpreted against him.

Defendant Vardan Petrosyan also joined the objection stating that bringing Arthur Hakobyan to this court sitting means creating a conflict situation, which he does not want to be in.

“If I am not given a life sentence, I`ll get out one day, I`ll look into your eyes and answer to you. Arthur, I have answers to all your questions, don`t address external questions inside here, I`ll get out and you can ask them then”, said Vardan Petrosyan in address to Arthur Hakobyan.

The judge satisfied the intervention, but the defendant refused to give additional testimony.
Today Khoren Zakaryan, a car expert was also present at the sitting. Nikolay Baghdasaryan had many questions to him.

During the interrogation Arthur Hakobyan was tense and nervous, mentioning the gestures of Nikolay Baghdasaryan, in particular that he was smiling while asking questions.

The interrogation of the car expert lasted for two hours. The defense has initially doubted the conclusions of this expert.


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