The Judge is unable to establish Order in the Courtroom

At the court hearing on Volodya Avetisyan’s case the judge prosecutor was presenting the phone talk of Volodya Avetisyan with the witness Henrik Haroyan. This caused a wave of protest in the court room. The audience demanded to hear the recording in person and not by the prosecutor “fairy tale.” “This is the 21st century, we demand to turn the audio, or right at this point to release Volodya Avetisyan, or arrest us all.” All participants were shouting Freedom to Volodya Avetisyan. However, neither the judge, nor the court bailiffs could not establish order in court.

Judge announced break, noting that the trial will be continued when presents will leave the courtroom.The judge left the courtroom, while the audience refused to leave the hall, noting that they will stay till the end and fight for Volodya Avetisyan’s freedom.

Just a few minutes before learnt that there is still tensed situation in the court room.

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