Citizen was Reimbursed with her Deposit

A citizen applied to Gegharkunik AAC with the following problem: She had saved a deposit at the former Soviet bank. According to the Armenian government’s decision, some inhabitants of Armenia have been reimbursed with their deposits since 2006. Those inhabitants should have some criteria fixed by the government (such as: more than 70 years old, beneficiary of welfare payments within July 1, 2005-April 1, 2006 etc.)
AAC’s beneficiary has applied to regional agency for social services (this agency is the responsible office for this issue) since December 2009, to get her reimbursement for deposit, but she has been refused every time. But beneficiary’s criteria were corresponding to those established by the government.
AAC’s experts analyzed the documents for the case and sent different inquiries and applications to corresponding agency and the Ministry for Labor and Social Issues. AAC ensured representativeness at the regional agency and was sure that the beneficiary should be reimbursed with her deposit.
Prompt and consistent work of AAC resulted that the beneficiary was reimbursed with her deposit for 190,000AMD, which had not occurred for two years and citizen couldn’t receive her money to care her family’s hard social problems.

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