Citizen’s Property Right recognized with Yerevan AAC Support

Some months before Mr. R.H. came to Yerevan AAC and informed that he was member of “Granit” gardening union, however his property right on ownership of the land plot # 34 is not recognized, and consequently he cannot use the land. He applied to AAC with request to assist to solve the issue through the court.
After studying the documents the lawyers of Yerevan AAC compiled a claim, which was sent to the Court of General Jurisdiction of Kotayk Marz. In addition the AAC provided legal consultancy to the citizen as well with regard to obtain the necessary documents. The case KD1/0525/02/11 on the claim to recognize Mr. R.H.’s property right was considered at the court hearing on 11.11.2011.
The court satisfied R.H’s claim and recognized his ownership right on the land plot # 34 of 500 square meters  of “Granit” gardening union> Just after the announcement of the court decision Mr. R.H. phoned to Yerevan AAC and informed about his success. On 28.11.2012 he personally visited Yerevan AAC and handed his letter of gratitude. The Court decision came into action on 12 December 2011.

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