Activists refuse to give the Dustbins to “Sanitek” journalist reports that about an hour before the employees of the RA Investigative Committee came to Baghramyan Avenue. One of them informed that a criminal case had been initiated under the provision of Article 185 3 (1) of the RA Criminal Code “deliberate destruction or damage of property”. In the framework of this case a decision was made to confiscate the dustbins that belong to “Sanitek” Company and now are in Baghramyan Avenue.
Employees of the Investigative Committee received a report from “Sanitek” Company and have to confiscate the dustbins pursuant to the provisions of the Criminal Procedure Code. However the activists mentioned that they are not going to give the dustbins as they are facing the police forces, including the water cannon machine. They added that they will give the dustbins when the police forces leave the Avenue.

They also urged the employees of the Investigative Committee to print out 15000 copies of the decision on confiscation and to provide a copy to each protestor in Baghramyan Avenue.

A short time ago “Sanitek” cars were in Bagramyan Avenue, but they left it seeing that the activists were not going to get down from the dustbins.

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