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People there are not corrected; on the Contrary they become Criminals: Vardan Petrosyan

“I am not escaping from the arrest, I said on the first day that I am ready to bear my punishment under the law,” today, Vardan Petrosyan, responded in an angry tone to the plaintiff’s complaint in the Court of Criminal Appeals.

He began from the very beginning, the pre-investigation stage of this case. He referred to several aggravating circumstances that the victim’s complaint record. He cited in particular the injured and the victims’ legal representative Ruben Baloyan’s claim that “After committing the crime, when he was in “Eebuni” Medical Center, instead of being transferred to another department he disappeared from the investigator, thus avoiding liability.” The defendant argued the contrary, he said that he was discharged; he was instructed to be treated at home and he did not intend avoiding liability.

He grounded his information with the witnesses’ testimonies and the investigators’ report. “I had not escaped: The investigator was well aware about my location.” Referring to the arrest, Vardan Petrosyan in a rather angry tone said that the investigator knowing that he was at his sister’s house, visited several other places looking for him: He went to the village, then to another residence and only then came to his sister’s house to arrest the actor.

The actor spoke about civil claim noting that he never said that he refused to cover the costs of victim Tatev Hakobyan’s treatment. He noted that he does not intend to pay the victims and the victims successors’’ representatives advocates Ruben Vardanyan’s and Zaruhi Baloyan costs for their advocacy work.

“I have not refused to pay for Tatevik Hakobyan’s treatment. I said that I shall not pay the costs for the advocates’’ work as I do not consider the work they have done as reasonable,” Vardan Petrosyan said turning to the victim’s successor Naira Hayrapetyan. “Today we have become enemies, why shall we try to prolong everything for months to carry out expertise of Tatevik’s health. How long are you going to continue Mrs. Naira applying to courts? Please be aware that the people there in t prison are not corrected, on the contrary they become criminals.”

Ruben Baloyan made a motion at today’s court session. He asked to set a medical expertise to ascertain Tatev Hakobyan’s the state of health and to determine the amount of treatment. The Prosecutor said that the injured party would not achieve anything through the motion, grounding his statement saying that the actor was always ready to cover the costs for Tatevik’s treatment, but the victim did not go for treatment.

Vardan Petrosyan’s expressed his position on the petition, once again turned to  Naira Karapetyan the only successor of victim in the courtroom saying that it was not the matter how long his sentence would be, but according to him all these prolongations of the case with petitions for medical expertise and so on were the result of the advocates’ work.

The judges went to the retiring room. After that they rejected the motion. The court also upheld the t ruling of the First Instance Court, thus rejecting the complaints brought by the prosecutor and the victim.

Gevorg Tosunyan,

Aleksander Sargsyan


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