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Vardan Petrosyan could not have any Interest in not reconciling. Lawyer’s Opinion

The investigation of the application for retrial of Vardan Petrosyan’s case will start on April 1. The appeal was presented by the attorney on the level of punishment and the lawyer of the victims and their successors on the civil claim.

Nikolay Baghdasaryan, the actor’s advocate told Iravaban.net. “It’s natural that we protest against their appeals, and we will present our detailed objections in the court”. The lawyer expects that the Court of Appeal will reject the appeals.

We also talked with the lawyer about the reconcilement issue that had been circulating before, and Mr. Baghdasaryan mentioned that reconcilement in such cases is a moral category and does not cause any change in the legal meaning. “The reconcilement of the two families would have moral consequences merely, they would not be enemies. I am of the opinion that, unfortunately, they did not lett this reconcilement happen. Now the two sides can present their arguments”.

However, the lawyer thinks that we should realize one thing: “Vardan Petrosyan didn’t have any interest in not reconciling. He was seeking for it. It’s another issue that there were people on the other side who wanted the provision of the victims’ appeals in order to have Vardan Petrosyan arrested, and it was easy to encourage the victims. They were given information that did not correspond to reality, for example, Nikolay Baghdasaryan publicized a 3D video of the accident on the fortieth day of the burial of the children or offered them money in order to accuse them and so on. That is to say, the victims do not accept that Nikolay Baghdasaryan and Vardan Petrosyan do not treat them negatively and do not have any problems with them.”


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