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Trial on Vardan Petrosyan’s case ended

Shortly before, the Court of General Jurisdiction of Kotayk marz under the presidency of Judge Vaghinak Mkrtchyan completed the trial phase on Vardan Petrosyan’s case. The court passed to argumentation phase. At this point prosecutor Arthur Sargsyan speaks.

He mentioned that after the crash, different people, including some lawyers contributed to establishing enmity between the families of the victims and the defendant.

Prosecutor Arthur Sargsyan in his counsel’s address said that the expertise had set that at the moment of the crash the gear box of “Niva” car was in backwards position, and the car was on brakes. “Petrosyan had noticed that the backward lights of the “Niva” were on and felt danger. This circumstance is also proved by the testimony of the witness Arthur Hakobyan; saying that he wanted to move back, but when he saw the approaching car he depressed the brake.”

He also denied the defense’s compiled modeling noting that the examined was evidence-based.

The prosecutor said, “The defense is also challenging the permission of the protocol compiled on 20 October 2013, reasoning that it had been made with violations. Maybe with violations, and not entirely, but it does not mean that these violations are essential. Acknowledging that there were omissions and shortcomings, but they do not affect the case itself.”

Arthur Sargsyan added, “I think in this case we are dealing with negligence caused by self-confidence, the accident is tragic in every case. The only male children of two families were killed, four family members suffered grave health damages. The penalty shall be appointed not only for the death of two but for causing grave health injuries to four people as well.”

The prosecution asked to consider the mitigating circumstances that Vardan Petrosyan had tried to reach reconciliation. However in his speech he solicited to recognize Vardan Petrosyan guilty of acts charged and to sentence to sentence to 6 years and 6 months imprisonment, with 3 years deprivation of the right to drive a vehicle, and exact around 500 thousand AMD.


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