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“Right now I can give my Life for the Life of Tatevik”: Vardan Petrosyan

As we had already informed, today on 17 December, the Court of General Jurisdiction of Kotayk marz resumed the trial on Vardan Petrosyan’s case. At today’s session Ruben Baloyan, representative of the victims and their successor solicited to resume the hearing on the ground of filing a civil suit.

Ruben Baloyan in his claim listed the financial harm caused to each of the victims.

He asked the Court to exact 10 million 165 thousand AMD from Vardan Petrosyan for treatment and further rehabilitation and compensation for the transportation of the victims Hayk and Emma Hakobyans’ daughter, the victim Tatevik Hakobyan. The lawyer introduced figures for compensation of the other victims as well, which we shall inform later. In her opinion the victim’s mother said “Let it stay on his conscience.”

Vardan Petrosyan in his speech referred Tatevuk Hakobyan’s treatment and rehabilitation expenses. He said, “Right now I can give my life for the life of Tatevik. You forgot what we were doing for her recovery. I am really sorry that we have found ourselves in this situation. Tatevik’s treatment should have started in February. You are a mother, who lost two children; it seems that my son and my daughter are lost. Tatevik is sick, she should recover. These figures were added and divided. I do not understand it. But my conscious wants only one thing, fast recovery for Tatevik”


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