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The Mistery of the Witnesses to Search on Vardan Petrosyan`s Case

One of the two witnesses to search on Vardan Petrosyan`s case is unknown, while the signature of the second one is being put into doubts by the defense. Let us state that according to the Criminal Procedure code, the witness to  search is any adult citizen of the Republic of Armenia, disinterested personally in the criminal case, invited by the body of criminal prosecution for the participation in the implementation of investigatory action for the verification of the fact of its implementation, the substance, the course and the results. Today the Court rejected the intervention of the attorneys to pass an expert analysis of the witness Grisha Gasparyan`s signature. The attorneys found the decision of the court as unjustified. Hereby we present the signature. In the lower part you can find the signature in the record, while in the upper part you can find the signature put at the court.

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