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“We don`t have anything to do with that case”. Handwriting Experts Refused to Deal with Vardan Petrosyan`s Case

Vardan Petrosyan`s trial took place on 19 November. Prior to this the Defense presented an intervention to recognize the examination record on the place of the accident with the participation of Vardan Petrosyan as an inadmissible evidence. The defense has also presented several documents justifying their intervention.

The representative of the victim party Ruben Baloyan stated that the evidence based on the research of “Aquilles” center for the protection of drivers` rights is unjustified. “Jusdging based on just a couple of photos is quite far from expert conclusion”, said the lawyer.

He also referred to the video-footage by Gagik Shamshyan prepared at the place of the accident. Mr. Baloyan stated that it couldn`t become a fundamental argument and present the whole image of the examination at the place of the accident, as the video-recording by Gagik Shamshyan lasts for 7 minutes, while the inspection activities lasted for more than an hour. And so he asked the court to reject the intervention presented by the Defense on the basis of it being unjustified.

Judge at the court of general jurisdiction of Kotayk region Vaghinak Mkrtchyan decided to postpone the examination of the intervention.

Vardan Petrosyan`s defender Nikolay Baghdasaryan came stated today that they had intitiated a handwriting expertise on one of the assistants – Grisha Gasparyan`s signature put on the record. The international expert analysed it and replied that “most probably it hasn`t been put there by Grisha Gasparyan”.

The other lawyer of the defendant, Samvel Jaghinyan stated that Armenian experts rejected to examine this signature. “We don`t have anything to do with that case”, this is how they were replying. I personally have been to two handwriting experts”, said the defender.

The intervention to undertake an expert analysis of the signature was rejected by the Court.


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