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Did you come to fight here? Vardan Petrosyan`s case

Today Grisha Gasparyan, presented as assistant on the case of Vardan Petrosyan, was questioned.

During his questioning the court left out those questions asked by Samvel Jaghinyan which related to giving the phone number of the witness, the court considered it as unacceptable. The advocate claimed that the judge was ruling out the central questions on purpose. “I need the phone number of the witness to find out where was the citizen when the case happened. I consider your efforts to leave the question out as a bias.”, the advocate stated. While the advocate was speaking, a verbal argument took place with the judge. “Did yoy come here to fight?”, asked judge Vaghinak Mkrtchyan.

It became clear during the questioning that the investigator did not explain his rights at the place of accident. “They asked me to come as an assistant on the case, I said, I didn`t want”. The witness also said that he was not acquainted with the records, he hadn`t read it because of eyesight issues, but at the end of the questioning the court showed him the part  of the record which he read.

Police inspector, leutenant Ashot Karapetyan was also questioned. Advocate Nikolay Baghdasaryan tried to check some details in relation to the review of the records, but the judge left the questions out.

The court sitting was postponed to 24 October.


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