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“That poor girl, I don`t even blame her”. Translator of Vardan Petrosyan`s case was recalled in the National Assembly

It didn`t require much penetration ti understand that the translator of Vardan Petrosyan`s case, invited by the RA Judicial department, didn`t master not only the language, but also the specialized vocabulary, as the Republican Party member Khosrov Harutyunyan addressed to the RA Judicial Department head Karen Poladyan today at the National Assembly.

“Firstly, wasn`t it possible to spend the 15 mln AMD, annually provided to the Judicial Department for  costs of translators, on involving translators who will ensure the effective judicial process? Secondly, On what principles do you select them? That poor girl, I don`t even blame her, she appeared in a situation, when she didn`t know what she was supposed to do”, asked Khosrov Harutyunyan.

“Yes, the fact is regretful. A special letter on this matter has been sent by the judge to the staff, and then to the Judicial Department`s Central Institution . It is also unacceptable for us that the translator sent by the Judicial department implements a non-proper translation. It was just a technical issue. The translator mastered the written translation skills, and had some problems with oral speeches. It`s not the case that she had zero-level knowledge”, said Judicial Department head.

Details in the video (available in Armenian).


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