Ruling of the Court of Appeals was illegal: Lawyer of colonel Volodya Avetisyan

Colonel Volodya Avetisyan`s lawyer Ara Zakaryan has not yet received the ruling of the Criminal court of appeals. On September 16 the Court denied Volodya Avetisyan`s lawyer`s petition, leaving unchanged the ruling of the Court of general jurisdiction in Arabkir and Kanaker-Zeytun administrative regions, by which Avetisyan was sentenced to 6-year imprisonment.

Ara Zakaryan mentioned to that he`ll immediately litigate it in the Court of Cassation once he receives it. Mr. Zakaryan labeled the Court of Appeals ruling as illegal: “This is explicitly an illegal judicial act”. He also added that in case of no success in the Court of Cassation, he would apply to the European Court of Human Rights.

Volodya Avetisyan went on a sitting-strike in the Freedom Square, presenting the social issues of fighters. He was detained on the basis of accusations on fraud on 20 September, and on 22 September the Court set a 2-month detention for him. On 17 June, 2014 the Colonel was sentenced to 6-year imprisonment.

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