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Why did Vardan Petrosyan not give testimony during the preliminary investigation? The actor spoke in the court

Today Vardan Petrosyan`s case investigation has been continuing at the first-instance court of general jurisdiction  of Kotayk region.

Nikolay Baghdasaryan petitioned to give Vardan Petrosyan opportunity to give testimony at that exact court proceeding. The parties did not present objections, and defendent Vardan Petrosyan`s interrogation started.

“The question of me giving or not giving testimony has been widely discussed, many people were saying that I don`t have manhood to give testimony, but I`ll say – in that case was it a manhood not to give testimony, to stay silent?”, – mentioned Vardan Petrosyan. He told about the day of accident that the recording group of the program “Chein Spasum” went to his hous in Saralanj, made the recording, and then decided to also record for the TV program “Qaxcac chein spasum”.

In defendent`s words this widely-discussed question, whether they drank vodka on the day of recording or not, is easy to find out through the episodes left out of the ecranized recordings, where it is clearly seen how they poured water in the bottle, and in one episode Vardan Petrosyan said water instead of vodka, and they had to repeat that episode.

The court proceeding was intervened for the purpose of investigating the evidence from the Yeghvard`s police special-protected area.

Nune Hovsepyan


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