Did the Change of the Law made Equal Opportunities for the Candidates of Notaries

Years ago only those had the opportunity to become notaries who had internships for 6 months. Moreover, having an intern is the right of the Notary, so no one can oblige the notary to have an intern. The notary can have no more than two interns. This provision is fixed with the RA Law on Notary. Later after the change in the RA Law in 2011 the field somehow liberalized. It was defined by the law that those RA citizens who have 5 years’ work experience as a lawyer or have a scientific degree can participate for the qualification test of the candidates of notary regardless the consequence of the internship.

Such people who passed the test are appointed by the rule defined by the Government after completing the tree-month training for the development of the skills for Notaries. Hence, on the road to become a Notary those lawyers who didn’t have an internship, another step was defined by the law: obtaining skills for implementing notary activities after which a person can be appointed a notary. It turns out that those who didn’t have internship are in unequal conditions from the perspective of having skills of notaries but their skills are evaluated with the same criteria.

In fact for those people who will be able to manage the test without internship, additional level is decided for being appointed a notary: to obtain skills for a notary. Prioritizing for the candidates of notaries the fact of having the skills for notaries, it is worth to mention that even after the change of the law, the field was not liberalized based on the fact that evaluating people with the same criteria who “already have skills” and those who are going to obtain those skills in the future is a sign of liberalizing the participation in qualification tests but not the liberalization of the field.


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