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Media will probably be forbidden to publicize the Court Sessions of Vardan Petrosyan

Today in Abovyan Court of General Jurisdiction the court session on the case of Vardan Petrosyan started.

During the session the victims Hayk Hakobyan, Emma Hakobyan and the successor of the victim, Anna Karapetyan were not present.

The representative of the victims and the successor of the victim, Ruben Baloyan informed the court that they asked to continue the court session without them. The sides were not against. Ruben Baloyan announced that the media presents only the arguments of Nikolay Baghdasaryan and the goal of this solicitation is to attract the attention of the media which according to him has nothing to do with the materials of the case. Hence if the media continues publicizing the court session unbiasedly then he will have to make solicitation not to publicize the court session.

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