“I have never apologized, even to my Father,” Incident during Volodya Avetisyan’s Trial

Today, Ara Zakaryan, the defender of freedom fighter, Volodya Avetisyan presented to the court the solicitation to challenge the prosecutor, Henrik Papikyan.

According to the defender essential violations of criminal law had taken place. The rights of the defend side were arbitrarily limited, which were performed with the knowledge and agreement of the prosecutor, Papikyan which casts doubt on his impartiality in this case.

After reading the solicitation the people in the court started applauding. The judge, Levon Avetisyan demanded the citizen to apologies to the court for being the first who applaud or to leave the court.

The citizen replied that he was not aware that it was forbidden to applaud and then added that he had never apologized to his father even, and left the courtroom.

The prosecutor asked the court to dismiss the solicitation. Judge, Levon Avetisyan left for the deliberation room to make a decision and on the return, dismissed the solicitation.

The court trail continues.


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