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Vardan Petrosyan’s Defender wants to Change the Judge

After the dismissal of the solicitation the defender Nokolay Baghdasaryan to release Vardan Petrosyan, he made a motion to change the judge.
He considers that judge Vaghinak Mkrtchyan should have delayed the session without asking the sides, on the assumption of the fact that it was the requirement of law, according to which no criminal case session can be held without the presence of the defender.
He noted that the judge’s decision to reject involvement of the invited interpreter in the court was lawless as well. The fact that during the former court session the victim Hayk Hakobyan had insulted Nikolay Bagdasrayan, should have had a corresponding response by the judge, which did not take place either. Citing these and other arguments, he filed a motion to challenge the judge.
Upon the end of the business day the sides will express their opinions on the motion during the exe court session, on 4 April.


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