“European Court of Human Rights majority of complaints relate to court investigation right”, – Otto Mallman.

German fund for international collaboration and Armenian Young Lawyers Association on May 2-3 organized European convention on human rights-related seminar.

Iravaban.net talked to IRZ (International legal collaboration) lawyer, expert Otto Mallman.

– You mentioned in your speech that you once replaced a German judge in the ICHR. Which are the main violations brought to ECHR?  

Most of complaints relate to article 6 of the Convention, i.e. fair trial. In that article, citizen may also demand a reasonable time-frame for judgment. Germany adopted a law that if trial is delayed, the citizen is compensated 100 Euros for each delayed day. Also the violation of article 6 implies severe punishment up to imprisonment.

– Which countries send most complaints to the European court for Human Rights?  

If I’m not mistaken, a great number of complaints come from Russia, Ukraine and other East European countries.

-What do you expect from this seminar in terms of experience exchange?  

We, the two foreign experts, hope that we can share our experience to the participants. But it is important what the Armenian lawyers are interested in and want to learn here. I find it positive that I can get to know Armenian legislation, situation and other areas.

Nune Hovsepyan 

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