The Last Chance in the Case of the Death of the Soldier suffering from Chickenpox

On April 28, the Appellate Court adjourned the trial of the death case of soldier Hayk Khachatryan, sick with chickenpox.

Movses Khachatryan, the successor of the victim and advocate Mushegg Shushanyan, the representative of the victim’s successor were not present at the session. The prosecutor said that the hearing may start as the latter had not informed about the reason of their absence and at the previous session he had stated that the court hearing was unduly delayed. Varduhi Elbakyan and Levon Poghosyan, the defenders of the accused also joined the prosecutor’s statement.

The court decided to provide another opportunity to the victim’s successor, so that they may participate in the court hearing. Judge V. Grigoryan announced that the victim’s successor had filed the claim to the Court of Appeal, and thus he would provide them the last opportunity for participation. In case of their failure to attend the next court hearing it will be held in their absence. The court hearing was delayed till 12 May.

We want to remind you that the soldier had died on30 December 2011 in “Nork” infectious diseases hospital. Minas Mkrtchyan, state official of Neurological department of RA MoD 14203 military unit and Mikayel Mikayelyan from the Central Military hospital were accused in this case. Minas Mkrtchyan was charged for negligence and non performance of the necessary medical procedures, which caused significant damage. Mikayel Mikayelyan for negligence of his service duties and failure to undertake necessary measures to prevent the spreading of disease.

Yelena Aramyan

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