The Victim Believes that the Former Finance Minister would have appeared in the Dock

Today the court trial on Arthur Sargsyan’s case was over and the debate phase began just after that.

Let us remind that Arthur Sargsyan has been charged for presenting himself as an official, and in some cases – as a person running a profitable entrepreneurship business abroad, and in the period of September 2008 to March 2012 committed abduction of particularly large amount of property through fraud and abuse of trust with the pretense of business deals with physical or legal entities.

Prior to the end of the trial, the defendants made two motions, which the judge rejected. In one of the motions the defender requested to set an examination of the record of the conversation between the defendant and one of the victims. The court allowed the victim to express a position, who said that this tape was made in Arthur Sargsyan’s car. The defendant asked him to say that he was not acquainted with then Finance Minister David Sargsyan. The victim said that, and it was recorded. The victim had no objection, to have the record examined in the court, he also said. “The lawyer defends the interests of the two defendants, Arthur Sargsyan and David Sargsyan. On this day, Arthur Sargsyan was asking me to say that I do not know David Sargsyan, so that the latter will feel him well, that is he was very frightened and I did what he said,” noted the victim.

The Court considered the defense motions, and rejected. Advocate Hunan Babayan announced that Judge Arshak Vardanyan has prejudice to the defense party, and rejected all the motions, “I have motions, but taking into consideration the courts position I am not going to announce them,” he said.

During the trial one of the victims Arthur Manoucharyan filed a civil suit requesting to exact 12 million 500 thousand AMD from the defendant. The court admitted it.

Thus Arthur Sargsyan’s court hearing, which was going on for more than a year, ended. The court immediately advanced to the debates. The prosecution had already prepared the speech.

Prosecutor Aram Panosyan in his speech said that Arthur Sargsyan had not admitted the fault saying that he had not committed the mentioned crimes. However, according to the prosecutor, during the trial, of the defendant’s arguments were denied and the charge was justified.

Mr. Panosyan said that as a result of Arthur Sargsyan’s actions 10 physical persons and 10 Companies had suffered. He solicited to sentence Arthur Sargsyan to 11 years imprisonment, and to seize for the benefit of victims the amount of around 186 million AMD.

Gevorg Tosunyan

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