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The First Court Hearing on Vardan Petrosyan’s Case has been set in the Court of Appeal

The appeal on Vradan Petrosyan’s case has been accepted t the proceedings. On 1 April, the Criminal Court of Appeal will start the trial of the complaints of the prosecution and the victims’ successors and their representatives.

Prosecutor Arthur Sargsyan in his complaint demands to annul and change the29.01.2015 verdict of the Court of General Jurisdiction of Kotayk Marz on Vardan Petrosyan’s case (RA Criminal Code, Article 242, Part 3, imprisonment for the term of 5 years, with deprivation of the right to drive a means of transportation for 2 years) and to apply a more severe punishment provided by the sanctions of Article 242, Part 3 of the RA Criminal Code.

Ruben Baloyan, advocate of the injured party and their successors requested to reverse the trial court’s judgment and sentence of deprivation of the right to drive vehicles, as well as to annul the 29.01.2015 judgment of the Court of General Jurisdiction of Kotayk Marz rendered on the claim, and to completely satisfy the claim on damages caused to the injured Tatevik Hakobyan’s health. The first court hearing will be held on 1 April.


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