16 Hours before the Death the Soldier patrolled in the Cold Winter Weather: Advocate

The case of the accused in the death of Hayk Khachatryan, the soldier suffering of chickenpox was dismissed on 5 February. The soldier had died on30 December 2011 in “Nork” infectious diseases hospital. Minas Mkrtchyan, state official of Neurological department of RA MoD 14203 military unit and Mikayel Mikayelyan from the Central Military hospital were accused in this case. Defenders of the defendants filed a motion to grant them amnesty, the court granted the motion and the case was closed.

Advocate Mushegh Shushanyan, legal representative of the victim’s successors is going to appeal the decision. In the interview with Iravaban.net he said, “Our position is the following: the charges against the two defendants is lenient. The facts of the case that have been obtained, show that more serious charges should have been brought. We are sure that there are at least two other people from the hospital staff who should be charged for failure to provide corresponding medical help, giving the wrong diagnosis, and as a result Hayk Khachatryan was taken to the infectious department with a one day delay.

In addition, according to the advocate, other facts have been obtained as well, which refer to the military unite where Hayk Khachatryan served. “It should have been clarified who were the officials who had i9llegally appointed Hayk Kkachatryan and two other soldiers to the military service. It was revealed in the framework of the case that Hayk Khachatryan and two other soldiers, without interruption, were on patrolling service for 16 hours without interruption, in the cold winter weather in December in 2011,” the advocate said and added, ‘Hayk Khachatryan’s rapid disease had most probably occurred just on that reason. That is, investigation was not even carried out in this direction to identify those responsible for the fact. The final part of the preliminary investigation and starting from the first day in the court we presented our position. That is it cannot be considered that effective investigation had been carried out by the state in violation of Hayk Khachatryan’s right to life, unless the persons whom we had pointed are not called to responsibility,” the advocate said.


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