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According to the Defendant the Injured Party has confused the Law Authorities

“Artak Galstyan never suffers, as he says, he always comes out justified and remains unpunished,” the only defendant in the case of “Financial Pyramid” Arthur Andreasyan said about Artak Galtsyan, one of the injured in the case. The defendant stated this in his speech at the Court of general Jurisdiction of Kentron and Nork-Marash Districts of Yerevan.

The defendant accused the victim for abuse of his trust and theft of the money. According to Andreasyan he owes 680.000 USD to Galstayn, while he speaks about 720.000USD. “Artak offered me money under the percentage on his own terms, and I agreed. When I was unable to pay the sum he came and seized my mine,” said the defendant.

It is due to mention that Arthur Andreasyan’s father Vasil Andreasyan was the owner of the shares of the mine in Jraber village of Kotayk marz. According to Arthur Andreasyan, in March 2013 Artak Galstyan went to the mine, illegally took the seal of the entity and some documents, falsified his father’s signature, “When he seized the mine, there were already signed profitable contracts, which he then sold,” mentioned the defendant and added that after that his fathers health was worsened and currently he is a bed-ridden patient. Andreasyan also accused the victim in appropriation of flat 8 in building 77 Baghramyan Avenue with a cost of 91 million AMD.

Arthur Andreasyan expressed opinion in the court that Artak Galstyan had been sentenced in the past, but currently he was able “to confuse the law Authorities” and get away.

Notably, Artak Badalyan was absent from the regular court hearing. The defense filed a motion to the court to take steps to summon the victim. The prosecutor objected and the court denied the motion. The next hearing is scheduled for March 12.

Hermine Virabyan


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