Possible Corruption Prevented

The citizen who had applied to the Advocacy and Assistance Center of the RA Vayots Dzor Marz wanted to restore the infringed rights of his brother, who was out of the territory of the Republic of Armenia.

He was extremely angry with the fact that the corresponding legal act was not applied when executing the requirement of law and this was a ground to consider that the law enforcement bodies anticipate earning some money to solve the problem.

In particular, according to the citizen, his brother had avoided military service, in result a criminal action was brought against him. However in compliance with changes and amendment in the corresponding legal act, the citizens who failed to complete compulsory military service shall pay the corresponding sum and receive a military service card. At the same time the criminal action brought against him shall be stopped. The citizen informed that his brother had made all payments, however the criminal action was not stopped.

The lawyers of AAC studied the case, as well as all the requirements of the legal acts, which regulate the sphere and concluded that in compliance with the Law of the Republic of Armenia on Citizens who failed to complete Compulsory Military Service through Violation of the Established Procedure, which was enacted on 4 March 2004, and amendments and addenda to this law of 29 April 2009, ““Citizens of the Republic of Armenia who, through violation of the existing law, were not conscripted for compulsory military service, over the period from the call-up of the autumn of 1991 to the date of 1 May 2009, then turned 27or were, in conformity with the established procedure, qualified for exemption from compulsory military service or granted an extension, after making the specified payments, shall be issued a decision of the investigating authority on cessation of criminal prosecution with respect to him, and a military service card, and shall be registered in the reserve.”

Based on the aforesaid the lawyers of the AAC recommended the citizen to apply to the law enforcement bodies with the same requirement again, and parallel to this introduce the attention of the corresponding authorities the conclusion of the AAC made in result of the study of the case. The corresponding law enforcement bodies immediately fulfilled the requirement, when the learnt that the citizen was informed about the mechanisms how to restore the infringed the rights of his brother.

In result after the citizen had applied to the Advocacy and AssistanceCenter of the RA Vayots Dzor Marz, the law enforcement bodies made a decision on cessation of criminal prosecution, and based on this the court procedure on this criminal case was cancelled.

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