Charging Illegal Sums by the Civil Acts Registration Office prevented

Mr. Artak Manukyan applied to Advocacy and Assistance Center of Tavush Marz of the RA. He was very angry. His brother, citizen of the Republic of Armenia, who lives in the Russian Federation, asked him to take a certificate on his marital status from Ijevan Department of Civil Acts Registration Office (CARO), as he needed this information for registration of marriage in the City of Sochi in the RF. Mr. Artak Manukyan applied to Ijevan Department of Civil Acts Registration Office for this certificate. The CARO required paying 8000 AMD for this service, of which 5000 AMD was the State Tax and 3000 AMD as a fee for the provided service. The irritated citizen applied to Ijevan AAC to clarify whether charging the service with these sums was provided by law or not.

Ijevan AAC undertook the case and clarified to the citizen that according to Article 12 (9) of the RA Law on Law on State Dues for the inquiry on presence or absence of civil registration the law provides payment in the double size of the base duty that is 2000 AMD, whereas the services provided by the mentioned body are free of charge.

We would like to state the fact that in result of involvement of the Ijevan AAC the citizen, was not obliged to pay additional money for the required information because the law provides other rate for the state duty for such document, and at the same time provided service was free of charge.

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