Mother’s Right to take care of her Son Restored

The Idea of Freedom of Motherland is the highest feeling of every citizen. And filled with this feeling our hero joined the struggle for the freedom of Artsakh to discharge his duty…
On 17 June 2009 Mrs. V.Safaryan from village Aralez of Ararat Marz applied to Ararat Advocacy and Assistance Reception Center. She informed that her son became a mentally handicapped after the Artsakh war, and his state became worse since 1995.

In result of wrongful conduct of her son during the illness the Court of the First Instance of Ararat Marz, on 30 January 2007 decided to apply a compulsory treatment. In result he was placed for compulsory treatment in a mental hospital of general type. He was placed in one of the mental hospitals of the Republic of Armenia Ministry of Health. Here he was left without care. The department head of the hospital refused to take care of her son and explained the fact saying that he was not responsible for looking after her son. Everyone shall understand the feelings of a mother who see the hopeless and desolate state of her child.

Seeing that her son’s health became a little better the woman applied to the department head asking to pass the patient to his mother’s care. But the department refused. Further Mrs. V.Safaryan applied to other corresponding bodies, but the latter denied her request as well. Eventually The woman applied to Ararat AARC with request to support her in this issue.

The lawyers of Ararat AARC compiled an application to the RA Minister of Health, asking to support in this case and to return the patient to his mother’s care on the assumption of the fact that his health was improved and there is no further need to keep him in the mental hospital.

The Minister’s reply was positive and the son was passed to the mother’s care upon the Minister’s order.

“I am endlessly thankful for the work of Ararat Advocacy and Assistance Reception Center, which brought to positive solution of the problem and my son is near me thanks to your activity. You made me believe that all citizens’ rights are protected,” the woman said after successful completion of the case.

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