Reputation and Dignity of the Citizen no longer threatened

“…recognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world…” (Universal Declaration of Human Rights)
Mrs. A. Melkonyan from Ashtarak city had pledged her golden adornments in one of the banks of Ashtarak city. After some months in compliance with the contract signed with the bank she took her adornments back. She could not even imagine that after three months, which had passed after the Contract period, the bank could contact her and inform that among the adornments which she took back there was a decoration, which belonged to another person. The bank employees insisted that A. Melkonyan should return the golden decoration in two days’ period. Mrs. Melkonyan learnt about Aragatsotn AAC by chance and applied to the support of AAC lawyers without delay, with a requirement to assist to restore her reputation, which might be infringed due to ungrounded claim of the bank.
On the same day the representatives of Aragatsotn AAC prepared and sent a corresponding notice to the bank executive, with request to clarify the misunderstanding and to call to responsibility the offenders. In his reply the bank executive informed that they should consider the issue.
After some days Mrs. A. Melkonyan came to Ashtarak office Aragatsotn AAC and informed that the issue had been solved; the bank executive had invited her to the bank and apologized for negligence and informed that they had called to disciplinary liability the guilty employees.
“I really appreciate your efforts to restore my reputation and dignity,” Mrs. A. Melkonyan said to the AAC employees.

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