Another Solved Case by Tavush AAC

On 26.04.2010 Mrs. A Khachatryan applied to Tavush AARC and informed that she was divorced in 2008. After that the court decided to provide a room from the flat of her ex-husband to her and her two children. Mrs. A. Khachatryan applied to Ijevan city administration with a request to provide a reference on the composition of her family status, which she had to submit to the social bodies to receive poverty family benefit. The city administration provided the reference where they indicated the names of her ex-husband’s parents who live in the same address, though they were not members of her family. The officer of the city administration told her that they could provide a reference without indicating the names of her ex-husband’s employees only in case when Mrs. Khachatryan had a separate address.
The lawyers of the AAC compiled a written application, which the citizen, who was already aware of her rights, provided to the city administration. Further, the AAC lawyers provided oral consultancy to Mrs. Khachatryan, and she provided to the city administration the decision of the court, which stated that she was not a member of the family of the owner of the flat, and was living in that flat based on the decision of the court. Neglecting of this fact and requesting additional documents by the officer of the city administration are artificial grounds. After facing such approach the citizen informed about her decision to complaint against the acts of the city administration officer, and only after that the required reference was provided. The fact of providing the reference is the evidence that it could be provided without requesting any additional documents. In result the citizen was provided the corresponding information and the reference.

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