Legal Consultancy of Kotayk AAC provided Opportunity to the Beneficiary to solve his Problem Independently and to Restore his Pension Right

On 9 September 2010, Ms Alvard Arakelyan, resident of Abovyan city applied through the hotline of Kotayk AAC to find solution for her problem on a social issue. Due to some unsolved aspects of her case she considered that there was a corruption risk in that occurrence.
After myocardial infarction (heart attack) she received the 3rd category disability, and received disability pension. However, after she passed the regular medical examination the corresponding commission abolished her disability status with the reasoning of sufficient recovery of hear health and this was the ground for terminating the pension. The aforementioned opinion caused surprise and suspects of the beneficiary. She insisted that there was no definite improvement in her health condition.
After the AAC lawyers considered the problem in the context of the beneficiary’s suspects and opportunities to approve these, they clarified the order to appeal the decision of the medical commission in court, as well as the possibility of alternative conflict resolution through extra-judicial processes. On the assumption that the problem could be solved through reexamination we suggested support in the process for compiling the necessary documentation.
The beneficiary chose option of extra-judicial processes as a better version to solve her problem. Thus, in result of the support from AAC the beneficiary succeeded in solving her problem independently.

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