Gas Meter Laboratory Test Results reviewed after Yerevan AAC intervened

On 01.02.2011, Mr. Vardan Alexanyan applied to Yerevan AAC with a complaint that he had received a notification from “Ajapnyak-Davitashen” Territorial Production and Operational Service of “Yerevangas” of “ArmRusGasProm” CJSC, where they inform that I gas meter laboratory test showed that there had been an external interference in his gas meter. In result the gas services stopped the gas supply of his flat and requested to pay 197.960 AMD. Mr. Alexsanyan had applied to Public Services Regulatory Commission of the Republic of Armenia, yet without any result, “ArmRusGasProm” CJSC insisted on recovery of 197.960 AMD. The staff of Yerevan AAC examined the essence of this problem and undertook protection of the citizen’s rights. The AAC lawyers explained the citizen his rights and responsibilities and compiled an application to the court. However the no court proceeding took place. After the representatives of “ArmRusGasProm” CJSC learnt about the application to the court and were aware that Yerevan AAC had undertaken the problem, they contacted the citizen immediately and invited Mr. Alexanyan to their office.
During the personal meeting they informed Mr. Alexanyan that his application was reviewed and the new test of his gas meter revealed that no external interference of the device was detected. Consequently, “ArmRusGasProm” CJSC had no claims to him. In result Mr. Alexanyan paid only 19.996 AMD, which was charged against the gas supply he had used, but which was not registered by the broken gas meter, instead of the initially claimed 197.960 AMD. The paid sum included the payment for reinstallation of a new gas meter and the repair of the broken one. Mr. Alexsanyan again visited Yerevan AAC to express his deepest gratitude for the provided support. In fact, consistency of the AAC and the Citizen provided opportunity to avoid another violation of law.

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