The Labor Right restored

The citizen had worked in the drugstore since 2009. She had signed a corresponding labor contract with the owner of the drugstore. After a one year work the citizen had taken her maternity leave. According to the order provided by law the worker on maternity leave should receive 18.000 AMD monthly for child care. When she applied to the corresponding territorial division of social security services, she learnt that the director of the drugstore failed to pay the corresponding social payment and in result the citizen could not receive her sum.
The citizen applied to the director of the drugstore with request to arrange her documents, but the latter told her that she was foreign citizen and thus she had no right to receive any compensation (It is due to mention that the AAC beneficiary was not a foreign citizen, she had dual citizenship). The irritated citizen applied to Aparan AARC of Aragatsotn Marz of the RA․
The AARC lawyer analyzed the details of the case. It was evident that the director had committed gross violation of the employee’s labor rights, which in it turn led to another risk, infringement of the social security right of the worker – namely, the right to receive the benefit for the child care.
The AARC lawyer responded to the citizen’s complaint immediately. In the personal meeting with the employer he explained the employee and employer’s rights and responsibilities in the labor relations. The employer was convinced that there was no way out but to abide to the requirement of law and undertook obligation to pay the one year social payments for the employee.
Recently the beneficiary came to Aparan Anticorruption Center and expressed her deepest gratitude for the support, as in result of direct interference of the AARC her problem was solved positively and currently she receives the sum for child care on monthly basis.

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