Reform on City Construction

Gegharkunik AAC implemented a reform related to city construction.
Some months ago AAC observed number of communities of the region and figured out that citizens and business community are not informed about construction activities taking place in their communities. In particular, there is a lack of information on who is implementing or responsible for construction, what are the timelines for it and how much is the planned budget (in case it is financed by the national or local budgets) for construction, what is going to be built etc.
As it is very important to make inhabitants and businesses aware of some issues about construction taking place in community they live, Gegharkunik AAC offered Armenian government to pass a reform in this field. In particular AAC asked the Prime minister to establish a law requiring the builders to install information board close to construction and keep it by the end of construction.
AAC representatives were invited to the ministry for urban development and discussed the reform with state officials. The result was that the ministry passed a reform, according to which:
All builders are required to install (and keep it by the end of construction) an information board close to construction, including the following information:

– Name and contacts of builders/contractors
– Starting and ending dates for construction
– Planned budget, in case it is financed by the state and local budgets, also international loans
– Name of construction, that is, what is going to be built.

This reform is a great way to:- Increase the awareness of citizens and enterprises about construction taking place in their communities,

– Increase transparency of state and local budgets’ spending,

– Increase responsibility of builders and contractors about timelines planned for construction.

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