Social Rights of Individual restored

Mr. Edgar Simonyan, a 26-years old citizen of Gyumri applied to Shirak AAC in 2011 with request to solve his dispute with the employer on fair compensation for the injury he got in the pursuance of his duties.
Simonyan worked in “Shirak Water-Sewerage” LLC as a mechanic. On 26.10.2010, a trench for laying the water pipeline was excavated. Simonyan went down into the trench on his own initiative to remove the stones that appeared under the pipeline. Just at that moment the soil that was dug off the trench collapsed on him, and in result he got fractures of pelvis, pubic and sciatic bones with displacement, with break of fibrocartilaginous and disruption of tubule.
The employer sent a notice to Director of Medical and Social Commission of Experts N 1 of Shirak Marz with request to determine the rate of E. Simonyan’s professional disability. According to the provided reference the rate of professional disability was estimated 60% and according to medical certificate N 867076 he was granted 3rd disability group.
First the state covered all expenses of medical treatment, but then refused to pay for this. After examining the facts Shirak AAC lawyers compiled an application, which was sent to the Court of General Jurisdiction of Shirak Marz. Court of General Jurisdiction of Shirak Marz met the claim by its 26.10.201 decision and obliged the employer to pay the compensation for disability in result of the injury, as well as the salary in compliance with the rate of professional disability.

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