Vayots Dzor AAC supported the Citizen to avoid unfounded Delays

On 16.12.2011 citizen of Vayk city V.M applied to Vayots Dzor AAC for legal support and consultancy. He had lost his birth certificate some months ago and could to receive the duplicate copy because of different reasoning by the corresponding bodies. He had applied to the regional Civil State Registration Office with request to provide the copy of the lost certificate. However the CSRO failed to provide the duplicate copy on ungrounded and illogical reasoning, which caused some doubts of the citizen. He thought the delays and refusal to provide the document include corruption risks, on the assumption that the emerged legal conflict had distinct legal regulation. The RA Law on Civil Status Acts and the RA Law on State Taxes provide the order, grounds and terms of providing, the duplicate copy of the birth certificates by CSROs, as well as the size of the collected state duty.
The AAC provided the necessary support to the citizen: clarified his rights and interests, familiarized him with the legislative field, and provided information of the order for issuing the duplicate copy of birth certificate. In addition the AAC lawyer recommended the beneficiary to pay the state duty of three thousand AMD and to provide the payment receipt to the Civil State Registration Office in the order provided by law, and at the same time to request the duplicate copy of t5he lost document. In such case, when the citizen applies in the order provided by law,   the delay of meeting the requirements of law and failure to provide the certificate shall not issue from the requirements of law.
After some time the citizen came to Vayots Dzor AAC again and showing the duplicate copy of his birth certificate expressed his deep gratitude to the staff for disinterested assistance in the protection of his rights.

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