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Today, the Criminal Court of Appeal passed the Sentence on the Case of the “Financial Pyramid”

Today, the Criminal Court of Appeal rejected the appeals made by the prosecutor and the defender of the accused on the case of the “Financial Pyramid.” Instead, the court satisfied the appeal presented by Donara Nazaryan, changed the verdict passed by the First Instance Court and eliminated the ban on Building 77 located on Baghramyan Avenue, Yerevan City.

After the court session the defendant’s mother was crying and insulting the judges. “God will punish you, Judas,” she was shouting, one of the male judges responded to it by insulting the woman as well.

Notably, Mnatsakan Sargsyan, the defender of the accused, has made a motion on this case asking to quash the sentence passed against Arthur Andreasyan by the Court of General Jurisdiction of Kentron and Nork Marash Administrative Districts and to acquit him. The prosecutor has also made an appeal to the Court of Appel claiming to strengthen the punishment.

The First Instance Court, under the presiding judge Gagik Poghosyan, has sentenced the defendant to 10 years of imprisonment with the confiscation of 200 million AMD.

In that case the names of Colonel Karen Babakekhyan, Major General Nerses Nazaryan have been touched upon. Namely, according to the indictment in June 2010 he fraudulently embezzled a significant amount of money from Colonel Karen Babakekhyan, Major General Nerses Nazaryan and from his son Armen Nazaryan, who is the owner of the network of “Moskvichka” stores in Yerevan and has obtained the property right on their real estate.

During one of the previous court hearings the aggrieved Gevorg Tadevosyan stated that he had worked in the police system and was convinced in one thing. “I was investigator for special cases and if I had investigated this case I would have file charges against Nazaryans and Babakhanyans. It is to be stated that it refers to the former Chief of Police of Yerevan Nerses Nazaryan and the former Chief of Police of Shirak Region Karen Babakekhyan.

However, in the First Instance Court, Nerses Nazaryan has noted that neither he, nor his son and his relatives have lent money to A. Andreasyan on any condition, haven’t received interests and there haven’t been any conversations on returning money. The same has been claimed by Babakhanyans.

And the defendant A. Andreasyan sees the factor of Vano Siradeghyan in connection with this case.



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